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About us

Our mission

At Casino Frog Canada, we are on a mission to provide you with extensive insight into the gambling industry. Transparency is key, and we will always remain a reliable source for accurate and unbiased information. Through considerable testing, our team of experts aims to deliver objective content to ensure that your casino experience is the best it can be.

Our values

The Casino Frog Canada team is guided by our core values.

We believe in true customer commitment, shaping our content to keep up with the needs of our users. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we are able to help our users while respecting their valuable time.

Transparency and integrity are vital to us. The content we provide needs to be genuine, accessible and uphold the highest possible standards.

These core values are shared across the board, as collaboration and teamwork is the key to pushing our company forward.

Our guarantee

By remaining independent, we ensure that the content on our site is unbiased. This includes all of our articles, guides and casino ratings.

The casinos offered on Casino Frog Canada are thoroughly vetted. Every casino found on the site needs to meet all of our requirements. Trustworthy, fair, fast and most importantly – safe. Your security is our priority.

Casino Frog Canada will always be a free service. The expertise and ever-expanding knowledge we offer comes at no cost – and never will.

Casino Frog is an affiliate website. What that means is that we don't host any casino games of our own, but rather test and evaluate online casino sites. Whenever our visitors sign up and play at a casino through our website, we may receive compensation.