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About us

Our mission

It is our mission at Casino Frog India to bring you the best knowledge available in the casino industry. We aim to be transparent and honest so that you end up with a trusted source for all your casino needs. We are providing you with factually correct information and guides that will help you gamble safer online. The many casino tests run by our expert team will ensure that you get a good and reliable experience.

Our values

We believe that having a set of core values followed by all of our staff at Casino Frog India is important.

Providing our users with quality content and always adapting to stay current is something we take seriously. We feel that making accessible content that's easy to read and understand all while delivering useful and detailed information is the best approach.
Of course, we will always remain transparent towards our customers and make sure that they get genuinely good and honest content written by professionals. This ensures that we preserve our integrity and progress in the right direction.

Our guarantee

As an independent casino comparison site, Casinofrog.com can offer sincere content such as articles, ratings or guides.

Every casino listed on our website has to meet every one of our requirements. We guarantee that you get a fast, safe and secure experience at a trusted casino site.

Casino Frog India is free to use for everyone, and we will never charge for our services. However, we are an affiliation website.  This helps us continue providing users with expert advice, completely free of charge.

Casino Frog is an affiliate website. What that means is that we don't host any casino games of our own, but rather test and evaluate online casino sites. Whenever our visitors sign up and play at a casino through our website, we may receive compensation.