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About us

Our mission

Casino Frog New Zealand brings players the latest insight into the casino industry and everything around it. We've made it our mission to provide users with transparent and unbiased content, giving them enough knowledge to make informed decisions. Our testing and ranking processes carried out by our casino experts are designed to deliver on the promise that our articles are accurate, trustworthy and objective.

Our values

The core values at Casino Frog are followed by every staff member, including our team in New Zealand.

We believe that delivering quality content comes first, and that the quantity of that content is built on over time. Our users should be able to quickly understand how to proceed and take action without hours of reading. Transparency and accessibility help in achieving that goal. We strive to always adapt to the industry changes in order to remain relevant.

We're working as a team and together we make sure that the content presented on Casinofrog.com exceeds our own expectations.

Our guarantee

Casino Frog relies on being an independent comparison site for online casinos. It ensures we can deliver unbiased rankings and articles.

The process for including new gambling sites on our website includes thorough vetting of each casino operator, making sure they meet the standards set by our own experts. Operators and their collection of sites should be reputable and offer swift transactions and 100% security for players.

We're a free service – no hidden fees to be found here. Our experts are sharing their expertise within the field at no charge.

Casino Frog is an affiliate website. What that means is that we don't host any casino games of our own, but rather test and evaluate online casino sites. Whenever our visitors sign up and play at a casino through our website, we may receive compensation.