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About us

Our Mission

Our mission at Casino Frog is to deconstruct the casino industry and provide you with deeper knowledge, honest ratings, and everything else that'll come in handy when you gamble online. We strive toward being as transparent as possible so that we can remain a trustworthy source for unbiased and reliable information. By running thorough tests, our experts ensure that the content you consume here is as objectively accurate as it can be so that your gambling experience doesn't suffer.

Our Values

Our core values are shared across the team at Casino Frog.
User demand is always changing, and to fully commit to our audience, we believe in providing content that really meets their expectations. Quality over quantity is key, and we want to provide useful information that takes up less of your time, all while giving you the same amount of knowledge.

We believe in transparency and integrity. The content found on Casinofrog.com will always be genuine and accessible. We do not compromise when it comes to high quality.

Our values apply to the entire company, and as a team, we will continue pushing the boundaries within the gambling industry.

Our Guarantee

Because we are an independent site, we are able to provide unbiased content. Every article, guide, or rating on our website is covered by this.

We make sure that the casino sites offered here at Casino Frog are up to par with our standards. In other words, all of our requirements for each casino have to be met – that's our guarantee.

Casinofrog.com is a free service, and always will be. This means that all the expertise and knowledge you can take part in here is completely free.

Casino Frog is an affiliate website. What that means is that we don't host any casino games of our own, but rather test and evaluate online casino sites. Whenever our visitors sign up and play at a casino through our website, we may receive compensation.