New Online Casinos Canada 2023

In our updated list, we aim to provide Canadians with a licensed new online casino to play at right away. You can find new exclusive offers in the comparison list below and get started now.

Every new casino in our list is properly licensed and offers secure payment methods from the latest and most popular providers. Our guide has everything you need to know about new online casinos 2023 and will help you stay up to date with the latest trends too.

Best New Casinos in Canada – January 2023

 Online CasinoNameRatingBonusPlay Now
CasinofestCasinofest5.0 / 5 100% up to C$1000 & 500 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
PosidoPosido5.0 / 5 100% up to C$750 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
GreatWinGreatWin4.9 / 5 100% up to C$750 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
Axe CasinoAxe Casino4.9 / 5 100% up to C$900 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
SpinzSpinz4.9 / 5 100% up to C$300 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
Doggo CasinoDoggo Casino4.8 / 5 100% up to C$500 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
DBossesDBosses4.8 / 5 200% up to C$2000 & 200 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
BluVegasBluVegas4.7 / 5 100% up to C$500 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
House of SpadesHouse of Spades4.7 / 5 100% up to C$500 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
Dolly CasinoDolly Casino4.6 / 5 100% up to C$750 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
StelarioStelario4.6 / 5 300% up to C$770 & 300 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!
Lucky ElektraLucky Elektra4.5 / 5 100% up to C$750 & 100 Free Spins
T&Cs - Play responsibly (18+)
Play Now!

Newest Canadian Casinos

new online casinos

The world of online casinos is constantly changing. Every now and then, a new online casino appears and attracts our attention. At Casino Frog, we are constantly staying up to date with the latest casinos entering the market. It’s our job to send a brand new casino your way as soon as it’s available, and we don’t take that job lightly.

With that said, any new casino still has to be approved by our experts before being published on the site. In doing so, we are ensuring that you get the best possible casino experience.

We want you to find the perfect gaming site, tailored to your liking – without it costing you any time or money. To honour that promise, we are constantly updating our lists with highly rated, new online casinos in Canada.

The benefits of new online casinos

Whether you’re on team “new is always better” or not, that very sentiment tends to ring true in the casino industry. A new casino strives to improve the existing formula, bringing something new and interesting to the table, and winning the attention of new players.

Because of this, looking for a new casino can be both beneficial and exciting for players. Below, we'll explain why.

New bonus opportunities

To offer lucrative casino bonuses has become an efficient way to attract the eyes of the players. And not only are new casinos offering lucrative bonuses for first time players, but they may also up the game with additional opportunities. Whether this comes in the form of free spins or other goodies, it’s a nice gesture that keeps us coming back for more.

Welcome bonuses are one of the more popular kinds of bonuses. However, there is a potential downside to these bonus offers. As the name suggests, you can only claim a welcome bonus once. By often visiting new casino sites, you can benefit from generous welcome bonuses on the regular.

Just make sure to read the terms of a bonus before you accept it. Sometimes, the casino might want the offer to look better than it actually is.

The customer comes first

A new casino tends to put more focus on player happiness. That’s not to say established casinos don’t, but it means the new ones usually have more to prove. Happy players lead to a good reputation, a sentiment Casino Frog agrees with.

Happy customers equals better player retention, which leads to a successful casino business. To partly achieve this, customer service needs to be professional, knowledgeable and highly available in terms of opening hours and response rates.

It’s not uncommon for new gambling sites to offer 24-hour customer service, alongside a live chat option. This ensures that players feel safe and secure, and that any potential issues can be resolved by proper support personnel.

New CA casinos offer new themes

Today, there are lots of different casinos to choose from. The casinos are constantly fighting each other to become your casino of choice. In order to stand out in this competitive industry, new casino sites often stick to a certain niche or theme. These themes can be anything from a music or movie genre to popular sports or a certain geographical location. You might find an unusual or interesting theme you never would have encountered otherwise. With what feels like an endless number of themes, anyone can find an appealing online casino. Just look for one with a theme that matches your interests.

Keeping up with current trends

The Casino Frog crew is not alone in keeping up with the latest trends. With such a competitive environment, new sites need to be updated with all the latest software and technology available in the industry. For example, many new casino sites are filling up on games compatible with a virtual reality headset, or games that involve the appreciated augmented reality technology.

New sites are at the forefront of innovation, particularly regarding new payment methods and new features. They will most likely also have clean, fresh designs, and are constructed with the user experience in mind.

This also puts the mobile experience in focus, as that is the preferred platform for the majority of casino players nowadays. Most of the time, a new casino will be built from the ground up for phones and tablets, and support responsive web design.

How we review new casinos

The team is always on the lookout for new casino sites to publish on the site. Thanks to insider tips, we are able to jump on any new additions to the Canadian casino market and run them through our tests right away.

At Casino Frog, the new casinos we present you with, need to have met certain criteria. In line with our transparency policy, we’ll walk you through some of the same steps we take to make sure these sites meet our standards. The other steps have been covered in our Online Casinos article.

Safety first

For obvious reasons, we will never recommend a casino that isn’t safe to use. If you don’t feel safe, your gambling experience will suffer. First of all, a casino must hold a gambling license from a trusted authority. This means you can be sure the site is fair and that it complies with standard regulations. In addition, it also means you can turn to a gambling authority for help if something unexpected were to happen after all.

Data encryption is also on the list, as user information needs to be kept protected at all costs, at all times. New casinos are not excused, and everything should be in place before they open up to the public. When they tick all the boxes, we will consider publishing them on our site.

Fair welcome bonuses

Since bonuses are highly appreciated among online gamblers, casinos will offer them to attract the player’s attention. With the frequent emergence of new gambling sites, there will be plenty of tempting welcome bonuses on offer. These bonuses will always seem very generous, and it is easy to accept the first offer you get. However, you should look a little deeper before accepting your bonus. For a bonus to be lucrative, it must be a fair one as well.

Before we endorse a new casino site, we make sure that it has a fair welcome bonus, so that our users get a better value. The biggest selling point for a new casino is their first deposit bonus, which is why we give it an extra glance or two.

The terms and conditions will make or break the bonus value, and so they are under strict scrutiny.

Smooth deposit, fast payout

Any casino that wants to enter the market needs to be keeping up with the current trends. This includes payment methods. Since there are many different payment methods to choose from today, it’s a good idea for casinos to be flexible, while also offering the most popular deposit options.

More importantly, a trustworthy casino offers fast payouts. You shouldn’t have to wait days, weeks or even months to transfer your winnings to your bank account. A reliable casino site will not stall to keep your winnings. Your money should be transferred within a couple of hours or the same day at the very least.

A wide array of games

Simply entering the market as a brand new casino is on its own, for the most part, not enough. It can surely be exciting for players at first, but to sustain that excitement, there must be more to it, and a wide array of games is usually what makes players extend their visit.

For that reason, we double check the selection of games to ensure that you will have the latest and most popular titles at your disposal. Whether you are into slots or live games, for example, you will be able to find a casino that can satisfy your preferences.

The differences between new and established casinos

When comparing new casinos with the already established ones, you’ll soon realize that the foundation is pretty much the same. However, there are still a few clear differences between the two that are worth noting.

The first obvious difference is that a newer casino almost always equals a lucrative welcome bonus to claim. Whereas with “old” casinos it’s more likely that you’re an existing member who has already taken advantage of any sign-up offer.

To get ahead, new casino sites also often attempt to take the experience to another level. They do so by offering fun and fresh theme-based websites and slots, groundbreaking features plus much more.

Since they often use the latest technology, new online casinos tend to offer an impressing user experience. Especially when it comes to mobile devices, which today is the most popular way of gambling.

So, if your current casino is causing a loss of appetite for gaming, joining a recently launched brand could revive that hunger.

Casino Frog keeps up with the latest online casino trends

The ever-expanding casino industry creates a harshly competitive environment for the operators. While it may be tough for the casino operators, it's certainly beneficial to us – the consumer. Casino sites are pushed to innovate, introducing new features and technology.

As a result, the market is often introduced to new trends. Casino Frog is determined to stay up to date with these trends, and so we will always keep track of the most prominent new trends for online casinos. We're already seeing some interesting current trends for 2023.

Virtual Reality on the rise

VR-gaming had a rough start, but has since been further developed. Games are looking quite impressive this year. As virtual reality becomes cheaper and more accessible, it may eventually make its way into every other home. Players will be able to enjoy an interactive and more immersive casino experience online.

This means that the currently careful push for VR casinos might accelerate. Slotsmillion is one of the few casino sites already offering the ability to visit a virtual casino. Given its potential and rise in popularity, it wouldn't be surprising if other casinos follow suit.

Faster payment methods

This one may seem obvious to some. Most modern payment methods are already fast and secure. The only meaningful thing that could be done is to increase the speed. This includes registration, payments and payouts. The goal is to provide faster deposits and withdrawals than ever before.

New payment methods are already doing this in 2023. At the end of the day, the individual casino sites decide how smooth your withdrawal is processed.

A decline in land based casinos

Casino operators have little to no reason to open up a land-based casino instead of an online one. Playing online is more beneficial in just about every way, which is something we have already covered in our in-depth article about online casinos.

Live dealers get more love

Live games at the online casinos of today, such as blackjack, roulette, and baccarat, offer a gambling experience that is comparable to the one at a traditional, land-based casino. Consumers are looking for a more realistic and authentic gambling experience, and the casino operators have been taking notes. Live games are becoming increasingly popular, which have created a demand for more live dealers and engaging experiences.

By creating a convincing and relaxed atmosphere, players will be more likely to stay for longer periods. Combine this with the previously mentioned virtual reality and you've got yourself a winning concept.

Are new casinos safe?

For obvious reasons, players want to feel safe and protected when entering an online casino. Otherwise, the experience won’t be relaxing and enjoyable, which are two of the reason people like to gamble. And the short answer is yes, most new casino sites are safe. Here are some safety guidelines we follow when we examine new online casinos:

  1. Find out if the site is licensed
  2. Verify the payment methods
  3. Detect whether the site is encrypted with SSL
  4. Carefully read the terms and conditions
  5. See if the game providers are trusted

The team at Casino Frog knows the industry and what it takes to make a casino site safe. As we want our visitors to have a secure casino experience, we make sure that our team always goes through all five guidelines above before recommding any new casinos. There are no exceptions to this rule.

New Mobile Casinos

new mobile casinos in canadaSmartphones play a huge part in our day-to-day lives. They’re used for a variety of purposes, which include booking last minute flights, ordering food and listening to music. In recent years, we’ve also seen rapid growth in mobile casinos.

This has revolutionized online casino gambling. Being able to gamble online from your mobile device means you're able to gamble whenever and wherever you like. Today, smartphone users make up a large share of all online casino players.

Of course, new online casinos Canada know how important it is to cater to mobile users. A new online casino that does not offer a mobile app or a site optimized for mobile users probably won’t last too long in this competitive market. But, the million-dollar question is – what’s in it for you? Why go for a new mobile casino rather than an established one? Below, we’ve identified a couple of the advantages:

  • When gaming operators launch a new brand, they often offer profitable promotions exclusively for mobile players as part of their marketing strategy.
  • Innovative and fast payment options. New mobile casinos are keen on providing their players with the latest ways to deposit and withdraw funds.

Casino Frog’s round-up

The gambling market has exploded in Canada in recent years, with many new options for players to enjoy.

This has resulted in fierce competition between casinos, which is great news for the players. A lot of them look the same, and so the new ones will strive to be different in any way possible. As a result, players can look forward to high security, modern themes, fair first deposit bonus terms, mobile compatibility and smooth user experience when they visit new casino sites.

Casino Frog is always on the hunt for the latest and greatest online casinos, and we’re here to bring you our top tips on where to play right now. Keep an eye on our updated casino lists for new recommendations from our experts, so you can make an educated choice before you play online.


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